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Fearless Millie

Millie Hallow is special assistant to the National Rifle Association, but she has a lot more ammunition than mere rifles at her disposal!  A key player in the most powerful lobbying organization in America, Ms. Millie brings a rare blend of smarts and guts to her role.

She also brings over the-top-dedication to the yearly C-PAC Conference, the biggest gathering of conservatives in America.  The NRA is a major sponsor.  To be sure, everybody who is anybody knows her or of her.

My friend Millie invites me to watch her bob and weave seamlessly as the Grande Dame behind the scenes.  She occasionally shows her face across the crowded room and then she stops at my dinner table which is right smack up against the stage.  A quick question to our group, and she is on her way, as we ponder the meaning of conservatism among us.  One can sum up Millie this way: She always knows how to keep her cool or light a fire as needed.