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In continuous search for the perfected Renaissance life, Wendeen Eolis, is an experienced CEO, entrepreneur, legal consultant, career/life coach, negotiator, public official, commander of a post 9/11 task force,  journalist, motivational and keynote speaker, gaming industry insider and the first woman to cash in the World Series of Poker, Main Event and the first woman to do so twice!

She is a graduate of New York University, with honors, including the Chester H. Lane Prize in argumentation and debate. She is a certified arbitrator, and has been qualified as an expert witness in federal and state courts on employment matters. She also holds certifications as an executive consultant  and professional coach. And, she has served as a director and/advisor to public company boards and not for profit organizations.

In her spare time Wendeen hones her negotiating skills in international poker tournament competition, when not cooking up a storm for family and friends or playing a Liszt Rhapsodie on the piano, or slicing a ping pong ball down the edge of the table or surrendering control to her tango partners on the dance floor!.

A media magnet, Wendeen has been featured in numerous profiles and news stories -- in print, broadcast and digital media outlets including The New York Times, A&E Biography, The Wall Street Journal,  The American Lawyer,  BBC,  GQ Magazine, ABC News,  and Court TV among others.

Over the years Wendeen has achieved global reach by cultivating a wide range of connections; making friends equally easily at the neighborhood diner over coffee and power lunches at elite lunch clubs. She also allocates substantial time to attend programs with women leaders.  Ultimately, she says it is her dinner parties at home,  invariably visited by an eclectic group of guests that promote the most interesting new business opportunities.

WHE makes excellent connections: Four Seasons "Secret Party"
WHE makes excellent connections: Four Seasons "Secret Party"
at a UN women leaders meeting
WHE/GillianSorenson at a UN women leaders meeting
WHE negotiation round table seminar at Friars Club for senior executives
WHE negotiation round table seminar at Friars Club for senior executives

Wendeen's World

Chair, EOLIS;  legal/executive consulting businesses-- talent optimization in  legal profession, C-Suite and Government.

Inventor legal search/consulting industry; innovator career coaching/reputation management

Experienced interviewer/deal maker; founder of 12 point people reading system; student of  "negotiating DNA."

Public Servant
COO/Commander (civilian), Hope's Champion Task Force; prior advisor City Hall and Governor Office, NY State.

Media Magnet
Profiles: The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC News, ABC News, Court TV, GQ, A&E Biography, among others

Gaming Grande Dame
Advisor to casinos, government agencies;  blackjack counting expert; first woman to cash, Main Event-World Series of Poker

Power Poker Player
WSOP "Grand Dame of Poker; 10 record-setting performances for a woman in world-class competitions

Motivational/Keynote Speaker
Negotiation guru for advanced strategies for more success in life-at work, home , and on the road.

Writer for legal/business gaming/poker publications;cover stories, in-depth investigations, special features.

WHE plays/wins big bucks for charities
WHE plays/wins big bucks for charities

A World of Extra Joy

  • Pianist playing Liszt at Liszt House - Budapest
  • Table tennis player taking silver medal - Copenhagen
  • Poker tournament player winning European Open - UK
  • Innovative cook; learning sauce making in Lyon with Bocuse
  • Salsa dancer on 2 in Havana; following the Eddie Torres style
  • Writer - Going to the ends of the Earth to find a nugget!
  • Charitable works-supporting causes to improve life for others
  • Proud parent and great grand parent; commuting for life
  • Champion Power Napper - 15 minutes daily!
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