Book project on the way!

A journalist with experience in writing for a wide range of print publications on legal/business affairs and gaming/poker matters, Wendeen Eolis takes special pleasure in connecting her adventures in business, politics, and poker and applying the negotiating principles of these varied endeavors.

In her memoir (a long-term project), "Raising the Stakes"...   she highlights  lessons learned in high stakes negotiations--from the board room to the card room. Excerpts from "Raising the Stakes (in law, business, politics, poker, and beyond...)" are slated for publication in 2018. "Raising the Stakes" will feature diverse vignettes to demonstrate negotiating  savvy and pitfalls. Here is a partial index of her encounters with high-profile achievers that are likely to find their way to the book's pages:

Articles by Wendeen Eolis
 Wendeen contributes articles to mainstream and trade publications devoted to law, business, government affairs, legislative issues, gaming regulations, and leadership coaching. As the author of  Power Poker Dame, a compendium of her poker articles, and  People Reading Secrets, a prescriptive manual, Wendeen entertains as she teaches her business principles, poker playing gambits and personal philosophy that are the foundation for her pursuit of excellence and material to her quest for perpetual Renaissance.


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