Negotiating Principles

Wendeen Eolis, a certified professional coach, and her team of career advisors bring to the table diversified experience as negotiators, decision strategists, and attorney talent interviewers.

She relies upon her keen understanding of "negotiating DNA" to collaborations with clients so as to play to their negotiating strengths and conceal their weaknesses through study of the four key negotiating strategies that need to be on their radar screen.

Wendeen H. Eolis
Integrate Strategies

Key Negotiating Strategies

  • Absolute Strength: Operating with the goods
  • Comparative Strength: Operating with a marginal edge
  • Potential: Operating with opportunity to leap frog ahead
  • Position: Operating with advantage of hearing others first 


Wendeen offers collaborative negotiation and leadership coaching to senior-level lawyers, executives, and special talent engaged in policymaking, operations management, business development and dealmaking, and employment arrangements.

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