Negotiating Principles

Wendeen Eolis brings to the table diversified experience as a negotiator and decision strategist; as an interviewer who probes deeply, as a government adviser who sets and enforces boundaries.  as a legal consultant,  hired as a change agent and as a certified career coach by clients who are at once excited and  overwhelmed by the process of making a significant transition.

She relies upon her keen understanding of negotiating DNA to make pragmatic and chancy judgment calls and has been rewarded with getting them right most of the time.

There are  four key negotiating strategies.; Masterful negotiators continue to   develop and refine their negotiating expertise with study and practice, discovering adjustments and amplifications of techniques that unlock hidden value in the course of making deals.

An understanding of  negotiating DNA is critical to play to your strengths and conceal your weaknesses.

Wendeen H. Eolis
Integrate Strategies

Key Negotiating Strategies

  • Absolute Strength: Operating with the goods
  • Comparative Strength: Operating with a marginal edge
  • Potential: Operating with opportunity to leap frog ahead
  • Position: Operating with advantage of hearing others first 


Wendeen's negotiating prowess is tested, constantly, in her many roles across multiple platforms--as a CEO,  entrepreneur, coach, public servant, journalist, speaker,  and as an internationally recognized competitor in high stakes poker competitions. .

Wendeen offers collaborative negotiation and leadership coaching to senior level lawyers, executives, and special talent engaged in  policy making, operations management, business development and  deal making and employment arrangements.

With Wendeen as your collaborator expect to tap into positive energy that optimizes life choices at work, at home, and on the road!

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