EOLIS - Entrepreneur

2017--EOLIS 50th anniversary

Founded by Wendeen H. Eolis,  in 1967, as a bright idea, with high hopes, EOLIS began as an attorney vetting practice; doing in-depth reference checks for their occasional attorney searches. .

In 1969, with seed money from Cravath Swain & Moore and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Wendeen established her the first executive search firm exclusively for practicing lawyers.  It was the beginning of a three-pronged consultancy that specializes in the optimization of  attorney and law firm talent, under the umbrella of Eolis International Group.

EOLIS stands as the inventor of the legal search industry, the pre-eminent leader in attorney searches and vetting assignments for corporate boards and government appointments), a pioneer in outside counsel reviews, and an innovator in  career  optimization and reputation management.

Eolis International Group

Attorney Search / Career Management
Outside Counsel / Legal Consulting
Expert Witness Testimony/Arbitrations

Eolis International Group searches for top level attorneys including group/firm acquisitions and board seat slots; also advises on legal careers and vets/selects outside counsel. Wendeen H. Eolis oversees the Company's gaming space specialty, using her  multidimensional knowledge of the industry as a legal consultant,  attorney search specialist, outside counsel reviewer, insider with gaming company boards, and as a  consultant to casino operators in  legal affairs crises.

Wendeen Eolis Enterprises,Inc
C-Suite / Executive Consulting
Negotiation/Decision Strategies

Wendeen Eolis Enterprises sets EOLIS standards and initiatives,  specializes in optimized career management and sophisticated negotiation techniques, oversees the EOLIS Institute, and counsels on employment/life negotiations.

Wendeen Eolis--personal services practice

Wendeen Eolis counsels significant rainmakers and senior law firm managers. She also advises C-Suite members and special talent candidates who aspire to play bigger--in the C-Suite, corporate boardrooms, and advisory boards And, she helps to prepare suitable candidates for senior government appointments and elective office, at the local, state and national level.

Eolis Institute for Leadership
EOLIS People Reading Strategies
Negotiating DNA Analysis

Eolis Institute for Leadership is  a vehicle for advanced career coaching strategies including identification of "Negotiation DNA" and the EOLIS 12 Point People Reading System applied to deal making at the highest level.

Under the auspices of Eolis Institute for Leadership, Wendeen offers workshops and seminars.  In keynotes, retreats and motivational speeches and master classes she teaches and entertains as she dishes out her "secret sauce"  to the application of winning negotiation and decision strategies at any "power poker table" in business, politics and card rooms.

For more information and to schedule appointments,
call (212) 472-4000 or email eolis@eolis.com