Institute Director

Founded by Wendeen H. Eolis in 2006, Eolis Institute for Leadership provides advanced training in negotiation strategies, often referencing gambits used at poker table as a metaphor for effective strategies in complex transactions.


Wendeen began to develop her people reading expertise in high school. Advanced piano lessons highlighted tone and used her "perfect pitch" beyond the keyboard, listening carefully for verbal "people reading cues."


College studies--philosophy, psychology  and argumentation and debate, heightened her skills as a conscious observer.

As an entrepreneur of a start up executive search firm for lawyers, she matched her interests in interviewing people with growing skills to size people up quickly.

Classical Pianist (M&A/PA)

BA Philosophy/Psych-NYU

52 Vanderbilt-in business 

People Reading Secrets are Revealed

Under Wendeen's direction, the Institute is a vehicle for presentations and coaching on negotiation and decision strategies introduced in her manual, Secrets of The People Reader. and provides in-depth examination of  her 12 Point People Reading System.

Negotiating Strategies are Decoded

Perform!Wendeen counts more than four decades of deal-making experience. She says, “Negotiations, are a poker game filled with bets, raises, calls, and folds--only sometimes played with cards."

EOLIS Institute's programs dismiss the notion of mysterious aptitude and put comprehension of complicated psychological research to the side; instead, they emphasize the connection between common sense people reading prowess and four fundamental negotiating strategies to excel in both professional and personal pursuits.

Program attendees include lawyers, executives, marketers, finance specialists, business executives, politicos, and special talent.

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