Decision Strategies

Wendeen Eolis's lectures and seminars as well as her private consults, begin with taking stock of where you stand in the surrounding environment. The single most essential ingredient in negotiating excellence is COMMON SENSE! Wendeen Eolis' negotiating techniques are built on a sound foundation of sharpened common sense. Wendeen adds studied attention to sensory perceptions and their connection to the paths of negotiations and decisions--at any table.

The Heart of the Deal
Wendeen focuses on the acquisition of additional negotiating acumen, based on Negotiating DNA,   flexibility to shift gears, customized people reading tools for different personalities, and analytical processes that optimize intellectually sound decision making.

Collaborative Coaching
Wendeen taxes your mental capacity to conquer needless limitations, conceal weaknesses you are slow to overcome, and mostly to play to your strengths!

Hit the ground running with a plan!

Relationships are key

  • Relationship Analyses
  • Goal Evaluations
  • Environmental Adaptation
  • Gear Shifting Strategies
  • Communication Alternatives

Wendeen asserts, "Negotiating excellence is within the grasp of those with the necessary discipline, desire, and determination and the thirst for home runs." Wendeen's life/career coaching programs are highly customized to individual needs and goals.  Get with the program. You will succeed!

Wendeen's Credentials as a Life Negotiator

A Certified Professional Coach for decades, Wendeen helps to put her audiences and seminar participants at the top of their game at retreats, charity events master classes, and home-based group workshops. A  savvy moderator in discussions among peers, as they face unique decision-making moments, she helps attendees develop strategies that bring home the bacon when the going gets tough!

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