Decision Strategies

Hit the ground running with a plan!

Relationships are key

  • Relationship Analyses
  • Goal Evaluations
  • Environmental Adaptation
  • Gear Shifting Strategies
  • Communication Alternatives

Wendeen asserts, "Negotiating excellence is within the grasp of those with the necessary discipline, desire, and determination and the thirst for home runs." Wendeen's life/career coaching programs are highly customized to individual needs and goals. Get with the program. You will succeed!

Wendeen's Credentials as a Life Negotiator

As a leadership coach for decades, Wendeen helps to put her audiences and seminar participants at the top of their game at retreats, charity events master classes, and home-based group workshops. A savvy moderator in discussions among peers, as they face unique decision-making moments, she helps attendees develop strategies that bring home the bacon when the going gets tough!

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