HCTF - Hope's Champion Task Force

An experienced public servant and seasoned crisis consultant, Wendeen Eolis has vetted lawyers for high level roles in the administrations of six American presidents, covering both sides of the aisle.

Following President George W. Bush's visit to New York, just days after the attacks on the World Trade Center, Wendeen Eolis got involved in disaster recovery counseling and vetting of lawyers for businesses damaged, and destroyed in downtown Manhattan.

Hope's Champion Task Force was her personal vision to assist Americans, allies, and friends of America in the aftermath of catastrophic events especially overseas.

Inspiration for HCTF

Crisis Management

  • Evacuations
  • Relocations
  • Transition Counseling
  • Counsel Retention
  • Legal consulting
  • Emergency Preparedness

As the current Chief Operations Officer in command of Hope's Champion Task Force, she brings to the table an imposing network of contacts for its global activities and pro bono programs.

Hope's Champion is a Labor of Love

WHE with former Vietcong soldier

The seeds for Wendeen's leadership of Hope's Champion Task Force were firmly planted in Vietnam, where she led a mission through the Cuchi Tunnels on behalf of Vietnam "War" widows. But Wendeen's passion for public service, and humanitarian affairs began in earnest much earlier, as a teenager who got to meet and visit with her Dad's colleagues and friends in government. The connections proved helpful in efforts to work the corridors of political power and halls of government in New York State.


As civilian commander of HCTF, Wendeen has ultimate responsibility for  oversight of counsel and law firm recommendations to government agencies, top officials, local jurisdictional leaders and others, as needed,  in connection with catastrophic  incidents of violence and weather related disasters around the world.​


For more information and to schedule appointments,
call (212) 472-4000 or email eolis@eolis.com