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WE moderates at Monte Carlo Conference.

Wendeen Eolis has represented clients in the gaming industry since the late 60's; as a legal consultant to the Dunes Hotel, the Sands and the Riviera in Las Vegas and as a legal head hunter for Caesars in the early 70’s. At Caesars,  she worked for the  Board of Directors which moved  her into the thick of the gaming space in America, Europe and Asia over the next four decades.

Wendeen has been consulted by casinos around the world concerning evaluatin, selection, retention and review of legal counsel for gaming transactions, compliance issues and litigation.

As a New York State government official, Wendeen's  portfolio included  commercial and tribal gaming issues. She has prepared “white papers” for law firms advising federal and international agencies that oversee gaming regulations.

And, she was a customer--counting cards expertly at blackjack tables --before taking down pots at poker tables against the very best players in the world!

An internationally recognized lecturer at gaming conferences, from Las Vegas to Vienna , Wendeen has been a keynote speaker, moderator and panelist at numerous gaming events, including an engagement at Sportel in Monte Carlo. She spoke there at  the invitation of Prince Albert on the future of gaming in America.

Wendeen predicted that i-gaming would become a state issue; she turned out to be right, albeit at a slower pace than she had envisioned. I-gaming in America is still a fledgling industry, legal in just three states, Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware, following the crackdown on this business by federal authorities in 2011.

In principal, Wendeen is a supporter of licensed, taxed, and regulated gaming with notable caveats: suitable protocols to protect the integrity of the games 2) controls that  effectively exclude minors from the gaming tables and 3) active  programs to discourage addiction and encourage responsible gaming.

Gaming Space Specialty

Nominated as Leader of the Year at the  Women in Gaming Awards, in 2014,  Wendeen has been at the forefront of the i-gaming debate  in America through her representations, articles and  speaking engagements.

Wendeen also writes extensively about the business of commercial and tribal gaming , and is a frequent speaker on the state of the gaming industry, especially poker. She has a memoir in the works.

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