By Wendeen H. Eolis
Poker Player Newspaper

Two of the well-known players who owe significant monies are in negotiations with GBT in apparent good faith efforts to to resolve their debt, according to Dayanim. He has not made these names available for publication, at this time.

Mr. Dayanim also acknowledges the existence of additional hurdles, but for today, he is more focused on the players that the Company finds uncooperative in turning over monies due to Full Tilt. These monies had been treated in the deal as real and viable assets. Unpaid, they are assets that Tapie would have to make part of enforcement proceedings. Tapie is said to have little appetite for that scenario.

According to numerous sources, some of the indebted players are also now known among their peers as being in deep financial trouble and are not expected to pay back these monies which were loans to them, any time soon. The company is presumed to have made the loans from corporate accounts that co-mingled player funds.

More information is coming in on additional hurdles that threaten to topple the deal. Look for further PPN updates.