By Wendeen H. Eolis
Poker Player Newspaper

In an exclusive report last Friday, Poker Player Newspaper reported on NAPT’s advanced discussions with the Bicycle Casino, “NAPT Hovers Over the Bike,” but at the NAPT website, the “Next Event Count Down Clock” was showing delays – one day at a time – for a whole week. The countdown meter last Friday indicated 58 days. By Tuesday it had increased to 62 days. Speculation started to develop as to the reasons.

It was time to dig deeper. The digging was fortuitous and the results were surprising. Checking the tournament calendar, the August time-frame for an NAPT event at the Bicycle Casino began to look as bizarre as the strange workings of the NAPT website clock. The long running World Poker Tour / Legends of Poker festivities are on every poker-loving California dreamer’s dance card the whole month!

One conundrum at a time, the mysteries have been unraveled. In a telephone call early yesterday afternoon, Jeffrey Haas, the Managing Director of Global Poker Tour Ltd. (GPTL), reported on the NAPT clock. He figured out the problem almost instantly, explaining there was technical glitch. Apparently, the clock has been ticking off the number of days since the last NAPT event at Mohegan Sun, instead of the number of days until the next NAPT event.

Mr. Haas arranged for the clock to be taken down for repair promptly. Later in the day he assured, “This issue has now been fixed and the responsible programmer appropriately punished.” He continues, “On behalf of our programmers and the NAPT, I apologize for upsetting the space time continuum and causing any undue consternation. I assure you the NAPT is alive and well, and we look forward to sharing some bright news very soon.”

Bright news may or may not materialize momentarily, but, there is no doubt that the peripatetic Managing Director Jeffery Haas has plans to fast-track the growth of the NAPT around the country.

It is time to re-check the NAPT’s progress with the Bicycle Casino. Marketing Director Kelly O’Hara has just returned from vacation. When asked about the Casino’s dealings with NAPT, she says, “The prospect of an NAPT event is a very exciting opportunity. I think it has a lot of potential.” Ms. O’Hara acknowledges, “Yes, we have had serious discussions with the NAPT, but at this time I can assure you that nothing has been inked.” When pressed as to whether “wheels up” in August might mean a signed deal for a future NAPT event, you can feel her smile. She makes clear, at the Bicycle Casino in August, we will be “wheels up” with the fabulous World Poker Tour/Legends of Poker event throughout the month.”

As of this writing, the NAPT Website Countdown Clock is out of sight, and the website remains mum as to the next venue. There has been no explanation for why the clock was ever operational while the venue identity was left blank.