By Jonathan Talmadge and Harry Smith
A&E Television Network, Biography Channel
July 31, 2000
Producer Jonathan Talmadge and CBS news anchor Harry Smith double teamed the invitation to Wendeen Eolis for a Biography Special. The program prominently featured her life story in business, politics, and poker. The program under the title of “You wanna bet?” portrayed Eolis¬†as a successful gambler, as an entrepreneur, a high level government aide-de-camp and power poker player in business, politics, and card rooms.

Filmed at her headquarters office in New York City, and on location, including the World Poker Open in Tunica, Mississippi, Smith showcases Eolis’ life as the exception to our expectation of a gambler. Eolis’s history as a driven competitive¬†professional, can be seen at the piano, the stove, in business calls conducted in French and million dollar poker pots.

A&E later sold the special to Yahoo TV, where it appeared for more than 5 years.