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EOLIS is a  multi-dimensional group of legal, business, and personal consulting services created by Wendeen H. Eolis.  Eolis International Group serves the legal profession and clients of legal services in both the private and public sectors. Wendeen Eolis Enterprises extends executive consulting and career coaching services beyond the Bar, into the C-Suite, corporate board rooms and not-for profit boards, and Eolis Institute for Leadership, which operates under the banner of Wendeen Eolis Enterprises, is the vehicle by which Wendeen Eolis and guest speakers provide customized seminars, workshops, and one-on-one coaching in advanced negotiating strategies and crisis -driven decision making, based on her experience in business, politics, government and card rooms where she became the first woman to cash in the Main Event of the World Series of Poker.

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EOLIS and Wendeen Eolis have drawn substantial interest by mainstream, legal and poker media.


EOLIS' Innovation and Wendeen's broad range of professional and personal activities have been media magnets over the years.


Articles written by staff and Wendeen H. Eolis; including legal, business and poker features for prestigious publications.


Wendeen H. Eolis is a veteran speaker on the lecture circuit as well as a frequent interviewee on television broadcasts, including ABC News, BBC News, NBC News, A&E Biography and Court TV (TruTV).​ Below, please see a repesentative example of CEO TV material.


Wendeen H. Eolis meets up with accomplished professionals, business people and special talents around the world.


Wendeen Eolis is a veteran speaker particularly well-known for seminars that reflect her in-depth negotiating experience as an entrepreneur, a consultant to lawyers and law firms, a government advisor at the city, state and federal level as well as her current activities overseas, AND at major poker tournaments around the world. Her singular findings with respect to an individual's "negotiating DNA" and natural capacity to master people reading skills in the course of transactions has been tested and proven in speaking engagements for audiences as varied as Brooks Brothers, the law firm of Kramer Levin, the Women's Forum of New York, among others--for decades.

For information on Wendeen Eolis' availability as a lecturer, keynote speaker, seminar leader,  presenter or panelist  at  law firm retreats, keynote presentations, motivational speeches on legal and business consulting issues related to acquisition and evaluation of talent,  career management,  "negotiating DNA " amd mastery of verbal people reading skills please email or call 212.472.4000.


  • 12 Steps to People Reading Excellence
  • Identification of Negotiating "DNA"
  • Intelligent Offense is Good Defense
  • Compensation Negotiation Strategies
  • Cutting Losses Based on Poker Principles
  • Playing Your Potential
  • Bluffing is an Overrated Strategy: In Business, Politics, and Poker

Wendeen is an experiences motivational coach, negotiation strategist and master people reader whose seminars have been attended by leaders with high aspirations.


Host Harry Smith captures essence of Wendeen's Renaissance Life

Wendeen reports on sexism with a winning gameplan

​Wikipedia Listing (Excerpt)

Wendeen H. Eolis (born October 13, 1944) is Chair of Eolis International Group, an attorney search and legal/government affairs consultancy (specializing in partner searches, legal counsel retentions, and attorney career transitions), founder of Eolis Institute for Leadership, an executive leadership consultancy (specializing in negotiation, decision strategies, and executive coaching), and founder of Wendeen Eolis Enterprises, a legal/ business affairs consultancy responsible for setting policy and spearheading EOLIS business operations. Eolis is consulted as a special advisor to corporate boards in evaluation and vetting of lawyers/law firms.

Eolis’ public service includes assignments in New York City, New York State, federal and international venues. She currently serves as Chief Operating Officer in command of Hope’s Champion Task Force. This post 9.11 disaster operations/recovery initiative advises U.S. government and overseas officials, principally, in the evaluation and retention of critical legal counsel in the aftermath of catastrophes. Eolis has previously served as a special advisor to Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani and as first assistant and senior advisor to Governor George E. Pataki (NY).

Additionally, Eolis is a lecturer and seminar leader and an instructor on uStream for New York's Learning Annex, where she teaches people reading principles for use in business, politics, and poker. She is also a journalist; writing for professional trade journals and poker media.

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EOLIS and EOLIS CEO Wendeen H. Eolis maintain profiles on major social media networks.


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