People Reading Secrets

Wendeen Unlocks People Reading Secrets!

Wendeen Eolis’ manual, People Reading Secrets offers up lessons learned in her 12 Point People Reading System; the process is designed to enhance opportunities to excel, and enrich quality of your life.

The journey begins with a practical self-evaluation that enhances success in your pursuit of effective people reading. It moves forward into the listening process and then introduces the “PEP Principle,” a central element of an educated negotiation. It proceeds down the road, finding Mr. or Ms. Right by qualifying the value a given person may have in helping you to get what you want. Wendeen pushes you to stretch your mental muscles with attention to the power of focus, concentration and a productive mindset. She rounds the bend to a panoramic view of the forces that drive people reading excellence. Throughout the excursion, a generous buffet of people reading tips is served in a la carte advice and in anecdotal demonstrations that prove the power of reading people effectively; it is the master key for increased success in life.

People reading concepts are derived from Wendeen’s experiences in thousands of different encounters with authority figures, clients, colleagues, subordinates, family, lovers, and a wide circle of friends. She has come to know numerous extraordinarily interesting and unpredictable people in her travels. Up close and personal people reading with Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno, Carl Bernstein, Richard Parsons, Wayne Newton, Don King, Alvin Toffler, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Terrence Lanni, Liza Minelli, Alex Rodriguez, Rod Steiger, President Nelson Mandela, Prince Hassan, Senator/Secretary Hillary Clinton, Donald/President Trump, Elizabeth Gilbert, Governor George Pataki and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, among others—teach, amuse and enlighten.

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