Employment/Separation Agreements

Wendeen Eolis Enterprises develops the business terms for  a wide range of  services contracts, partnership deals, employment agreements, and separation arrangements.

Wendeen Eolis advises clients to consult counsel before signing!

Negotiating Rules

  • Firmness
  • Fairness
  • Fellowship
  • Fearlessness

WE are hired by individuals and employers; we understand both sides. WE work with human resources professionals, risk officers  and employment lawyers on employment terms, departures, career transition services, and other related matters, as needed. And, we collaborate  with executives on negotiation strategies for  contracts  that may impact their lives--far beyond their workplace.

Our advice is designed to enhance a contract's business terms;  we collaborate on service contracts,  address career opportunities, and work to issues resolve employment amicably.

Wendeen has an enviable track record in the legal profession of bringing together separation arrangements satisfactory to both sides. In the course of doing this work for decades, not a single partner separation matter has escalated to arbitration or  litigation. But, but she never takes such outcomes for granted or as conditions of an assignment.  And every proposed agreement is put in front of counsel, chosen by the client, before a document is signed.

Please note: Neither Wendeen Eolis nor any associate of Wendeen Eolis Enterprises  offers any legal opinions/conclusions with regard to contract negotiation services. Wendeen Eolis  strongly recommends that clients  retain counsel for the legal review of any contract prior to signing. Eolis International Group is experienced  in counsel retention matters . Please visit Counsel Reviews for further information, if you require counsel services. 

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