Career Optimization

ACT coaching services are available to highly credentialed talent,  primarily at senior levels of experience. They are designed to expand career path choices in law, business, specialized professions, politics, and government, and include specialized counseling for the pursuit of nominations to corporate boards.

ACT consultations

  • Review of biographical materials--outlining nest tools; bio snapshot, formal resume, work matter addendums etc.
  • Overview of career/employment highlights--analyzing  career journey, skills, abilities, and potential
  • Analysis of comp;evaluating the package in hand, the alternatives, alternate prospects
  • Marketplace discussion; setting parameters for employer targets
  • Recommendations of  job search resources;--effective use of search specialists
  • Development of a personal/business strategic plan;--networking to nirvana!

ACT customized SERVICES

  • Profile assessment
  • Interview coaching; presentation game plan
  • Marketplace research and trend studies
  • Employer target development and streamlining
  • Networking enhancement; linking old school and new social media
  • Outreach to decision makers; rethinking connections as verifiable tools
  • Employment agmts/separations; compensation, terms, conditions

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