Career Coaching Overview

Wendeen Eolis puts discipline, desire, and determination center stage as the tripartite personal philosophy that promotes excellence. We bring in-depth experience to career coaching and transition strategies; advising with respect to job searches, internal mobility, client relationships, and options beyond legal practice including preparation for Board seats.

Introspection is the first critical step in the evaluation process

Collaborative Advice

  • Customized Consults
  • Career Transitions
  • Board Seat Preparation
  • Employer Targeting
  • Career Reputation Mgmt
  • Social Media
  • Client Relations
  • Compensation Matters

Wendeen Eolis coaching and transition services are designed for achievers who aspire to play bigger; emphasis is on career optimization-- career reputation management,  negotiation strategies, new/additional revenue streams, and forward-leaning presentation of credentials and experience.

The Bridge between Credentials and Success

Credentials offer theoretical predictors for success, but there is a river of difference between "can do the job brilliantly " and notably successful performance. Crossing the bridge fully and faithfully is crucial to securing your career reputation and optimizing offers of new opportunities.


Wendeen Eolis'  says, "discipline, desire, and determination are the most significant components of a successful transition."

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