Wendeen Eolis Enterprises

Meet Wendeen, Our CEO!

Wendeen Eolis Enterprises ("WE") extends EOLIS career management and life negotiation consulting services beyond the Bar to include senior managers and  C-Suite members who seek to expand their domain,  politicos seeking to "play bigger" in politics and government and other special talent desirous of extending their impact.   

Wendeen Eolis Enterprises focuses on customized strategies to optimize your career and life decisions based on a proven formula: pursuit of excellence, achieved by a pioneering spirit, innovative methodologies grounded in common sense and a 3D philosophy of discipline, desire and determination. 

WE Value the Pursuit of Excellence in Decision-Making 

  • Wendeen Eolis Enterprises  advises on biographical materials, including LinkedIn profiles and proposed Wikipedia articles
  • WE peform public profile assessments, through search engine reviews, social media analysis, Lexis/Nexis reoprts and more.
  • WE  create personalized stratgies for self-protective online reputation management .
  • WE collaborate to expand, exponentially, the most useful networking connections.
  • We advise on interview and presentation techniques that win from cradle to grave!

Our mission is wrapped around EOLIS core values.

Excellence achieved by
Openness in communication;
Leadership in facilitating desired changes;
Integrity in processing information and conclusions; 
Success in delivering more than promised.

WE believe that tapping into the intellect and experience of our clients is as crucial to successful collaboration as the specialized expertise WE and our valuable Wendeen Eolis partners bring to the table. WE take as much pride in the quality of our relationships as in the financial benefits that may be derived from them.

"Wendeen Eolis Enterprises CEO Wendeen Eolis  sets policies and standards for all EOLIS entities.  The Company also oversees Eolis Institute for Leadership (Eolis Institute ) including our sponsorship of Wendeen's seminars, workshops and master classes in negotiation and decision strategies.

For more information and to schedule appointments,
call (212) 472-4000 or email eolis@eolis.com